Official Master's Degree in Cognitive Science and Language


The master's degree in Cognitive Science and Language belongs to an inter-university and interdisciplinary postgraduate programme (master's degree and PhD) in Cognitive Science and Language (CCiL) which responds to the need to overcome the academic barriers currently separating the different fields within cognitive science. The programme focuses in particular on language perception and acquisition, syntactic and semantic processing of speech, the relationship between semantics and cognition, the logical structure of language, and the epistemic and conceptual foundations of its study.

The master's degree in Cognitive Science and Language offers interdisciplinary training in the three areas making up Cognitive Science: psychology, linguistics and philosophy. There is a common module on basic subjects and another specialisation module made up exclusively of subjects from one of the three areas.


Anna Gavarró (

Career options

Given the strong focus on research in this Master's degree, the main career option is researching in the field of cognitive science.



Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Other participating universities:

University of Barcelona (coordinator)
University of Girona
Pompeu Fabra University
Rovira i Virgili University

Collaborating institutions:

UAB Centre for Linguistic Theory: part of the lectures in the Linguistics and Philosophy specialisations is given by members of this centre.

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