Official master's degree in Social and Labour Rights

Do you want to dedicate yourself to labor and Social Security advice or to the management of human resources or in the Public Administration? Interested in a career in research? This is your Master

Official Master's Degree in Social and Labour Rights

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Master description

The master's degree, professionalizing profile and research profile, is structured in seven modules.

Teaching timetable

Máster en Derechos Sociolaborales: calendario y horaros curso 2020-2021

Study plan structure


Type Credits
Compulsory 45
Optional 9
Master Thesis 6



Module Credits Type
Dialogue and Worker Participation in the Context of the Modern Company 10 OB
Instruments for the Legal Management of Company Responsibility and Procedural Management 15 OB
Master's Dissertation 6 OB
New Methods of Work Organisation: Employment, Contracting, Productive Decentralisation 10 OB
Professional Social Security and Company Pension Plan Management 10 OB
Research Methodology 9 OT
Work Placement 9 OT



OB: Compulsory
OT: Optional

Additional information about the study plan