University Master's Degree in Computer Vision

Several changes have been made to the study plan of this master's degree. Please check the information on the latest version here: Computer Vision

Content Official Master's Degree in Computer Vision

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Master description

This is a 1-year master's degree (60 ECTS), taught over 2 semesters of 30 credits each. The contents focus on techniques and problems in computer vision (CV). The master's comprises 9 compulsory modules, of which 8 count for 6 ECTS, and a master's dissertation for 12 ECTS. This master's degree offers no specialisations or tracks, which means that all modules are compulsory.

Teaching timetable

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Study plan structure

Type Credits
Compulsory 48
Master's dissertation 12


Module title Credits Type
Video Analysis 6 COMPULSORY:
Computational Learning for Computer Vision 6 COMPULSORY:
Dissemination of Research 6 COMPULSORY:
Introduction to Human and Computational Vision 6 COMPULSORY:
Research Methods and Technology Transfer 6 COMPULSORY:
Optimisation and Inference for Computer Vision 6 COMPULSORY:
Visual Recognition 6 COMPULSORY:
Master's dissertation 12 COMPULSORY: