University master's degree in Communication and Language Disorders

Single inter-university diploma UAB – URL with which you will acquire the skills needed to conduct research and interventions in the field of speech and language disorders

Content Official Master's Degree in Communication and Language Disorders

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Master description

The master's degree consists of 60 credits and offers contents related specifically with research, assessment and interventions in the field of communication and language disorders, of which 18 credits are compulsory and 12 correspond to the Master Thesis.
The 18 compulsory credits provide students with a solid training in research methods and techniques, as well as in all the latest advances in neurobiology in the field of communication and language disorders. The remaining 30 credits allows diferrent training courses to be configured according to the interest of the students.

Teaching timetable

Schedule First and second semester course 2022-23

Study plan structure



Type Credits
Compulsory 18
Optional 30
Master Thesis 12



Module Credits Type
Advances in Communication and Language Neurobiology 6 OB
Data Analysis Techniques in Research 6 OB
Master's Degree Dissertation 12 OB
Research Methods and Designs Applied to Communication and Language Disorders 6 OB
Acquired Disorders of Communication and Language 6 OT
Communication and Language Disorders Derived from Hearing Impairment 6 OT
Language in Neurodevelopmental Disorders 6 OT
Research Placement 12 OT
Specific Disorders of Communication and Oral & Written Language 6 OT
Voice Disorders 6 OT
Work Placement 12 OT



OB: Compulsory
OT: Optional