University Master's Degree in Applied Microbiology

A multidisciplinary, comprehensive and advanced vision of knowledge in microbiology applied to the environmental, biotechnological, industrial, molecular and healthcare fields.

Content Official Master's Degree in Applied Microbiology

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Study guides

Master description

The Master's degree in Applied Microbiology comprises 60 ECTS and is taught over one academic year. The study plan is divided into seven modules. The learning load is spread equally between the first and second semesters, with 30 ECTS each. The first semester covers three of the four compulsory theoretical modules and the practical module through which students make contact with their assigned company or research group. During the second semester, students do the fourth theoretical module and a practical module in which, under supervision, they develop a project within their assigned company or research group. The second semester is also devoted to the Master's dissertation.

Teaching timetable

Lecture Rooms Masters

Study plan structure



Type Credits
Compulsory 30
Master Thesis 10
External Practicum 20



Module Credits Type
Advanced Environmental Microbiology 9 OB
Industrial Microbiology 9 OB
Master’s Degree Dissertation 10 OB
Medical Microbiology 6 OB
Methods of Molecular Microbiology 6 OB
Professional and Research Practices I 10 OB
Professional and Research Practices II 10 OB



OB: Compulsory