Official master's degree in Applied Microbiology

A multidisciplinary, comprehensive and advanced vision of knowledge in microbiology applied to the environmental, biotechnological, industrial, molecular and healthcare fields.

Admission Official Master's Degree in Applied Microbiology


Access to this master's degree is open to holders of an official bachelor's degree from a Spanish university or from another higher education institution within or outside the European Higher Education Area, provided this gives access to postgraduate studies in the country of issue.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements are as follows:

Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Microbiology, Biology, Environmental Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Biomedical Sciences, Genetics, Pharmacy or Veterinary Medicine, or in other related disciplines. Access is also open to graduates from other countries with comparable qualifications to those above.

Applicants should have at least level B1 in Spanish and/or Catalan to be able to follow the classes.

Selection criteria

Should the number of applicants be higher than that of places on offer, these will be allocated according to the following criteria:

- Academic transcript (40%)
- Professional experience as a microbiologist (25%)
- Personal interview (15%)
- Extracurricular training in Microbiology (10%)
- Scientific publications (5%)
- Recommendation letters (professional or academic) (5%)

Complementary training

Bridging courses may need to be taken and passed by graduates in Engineering (Chemical Engineering, or Agricultural Engineering), Chemistry, or other subjects, depending on their previous studies.
The Master's Committee will examine students' previous studies and determine whether bridging courses need to be taken or not.
Master's degree bridging courses count for a maximum 16 ECTS credits distributed among the following first-semester subjects on the bachelor's degrees taught at the Faculty of Biosciences of the UAB:
  • Microbiology: 6 ECTS credits
  • Microbial Ecology: 4 ECTS credits
  • Molecular Biology of Prokaryotes: 6 ECTS credits