Official master's degree in Management, Organization and Business Economics

A full-time research programme offering advanced training in the field of business research with an international projection and organised jointly by three universities

Content Official Master's Degree in Management, Organization and Business Economics

Master's dissertation

  1. The Master Thesis is an important module (15 ECTS) of the MMOBE program. So, this implies a workload of 7,5h per labor day during 10-12 weeks. You need to pass it in order to obtain the Master’s Degree.
  2. The Master Thesis is an independent piece of research in which you demonstrate your knowledge of the material that you have learned during the taught part of the course, and your ability to meet deadlines. After conclude successfully the rest of modules, you start working on it in June and it must be concluded at the beginning of September (we will let you know the exact dates). It has to be publicly presented in Palma de Mallorca around the first or second week of September. The language of the Master is English, so the report and the presentations will have to be done in this language. The Master Thesis will be graded by a committee. They will consider among other things the opinions of the supervisor and other members of staff.
  3. The Master Thesis has to be supervised by at least one faculty member of the Master. In May possible supervisors will suggest possible dissertations. Students will have to say which is their first, second and third preferred projects. The allocation of projects to students will take into account their academic records and preferences.

Only those students previously allocated to a research proposal elaborated jointly with a firm (Industrial Master Thesis) will be exempted from this allocation process, as in this case the election of the candidate is done jointly with the firm. In these cases there will be two supervisors, one member of the MMOBE staff and one member of staff from the firm. Rules 1 and 2 of this document also apply to projects carried out with a firm.

There are several awards for Master Thesis: