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Master description

The syllabus of the Master's Degree in Telecommunication Engineering, geared towards professional practice, will comprise 90 credits (30 + 30 +30) to be taken over 3 semesters.
During the first academic year (2 semesters), students must take the 60 compulsory ECTS (10 modules), while in the final semester they must take the 18 optional ECTS, and write the master's dissertation, which counts for 12 compulsory ECTS.

Study plan structure

Type Credits
Compulsory 60
Optional 18
Master's dissertation 12


Module title Credits Type
First academic year    
Flat antennae for wireless systems 6 COMPULSORY
Integrated circuits and systems for communications 6 COMPULSORY
Advanced design of communications circuits 6 COMPULSORY
Design of communications systems 6 COMPULSORY
Design of heterogenous integrated systems 6 COMPULSORY
Design of integrated systems for digital processing 6 COMPULSORY
Statistical signal processing 6 COMPULSORY
Telecommunication projects 6 COMPULSORY
Advanced networks and security 6 COMPULSORY
Linear networks 6 COMPULSORY
Second academic year    
Master's dissertation 12 COMPULSORY
Integrated wireless sensor networks Machinery solutions 6 Optional*
Platforms for integrating navigation and positioning systems 6 Optional*
Work placement I 9 Optional*
Work placement II 9 Optional*
Array processing 6 Optional*
Sensors and actuators for information and communication technologies 6 Optional*
Radiofrequency identification systems (RFID) 6 Optional*
Low-consumption wireless networks 6 Optional*

* Optional, 18 credits must be taken

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