Official master's degree in Paleobiology and Fossil Record

Develop the professional skills needed to study and interpret fossil and life in ancient times from technical, scientific and communicative viewpoints

Admission Official Master's Degree in Paleobiology and Fossil Record

Documents for admission

It is necessary to collect and scan the following documents, which are mandatory, in order to add them to the admission's application:

  1. Academic file of high education, listing all coursed subjects, ECTS (or hours), number of exams sessions required per subject, grade per subject and overall grade.
  2. Degree/qualification corresponding to the academic transcript presented in the previous point (if you still haven't got it you can send it later).
  3. CV accrediting all relevant merits, including: research experience, publications, professional experience, foreign visits, whether you have received research grants or assistance (if relevant).
  4. Certificate(s) accrediting level of English. Show acreditation of first level or equivalent.
  5. Motivation letter.

Remember that if the documentation you are attaching is not written in Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Portuguese or Italian, you will also have to include the respective sworn translations into Catalan or Spanish.

If you do not yet have the degree because you are still completing the course, you must declare this in the "Situation of previous studies" section, indicating "Pending".