University master's degree in Communication and Language Disorders

Single inter-university diploma UAB – URL with which you will acquire the skills needed to conduct research and interventions in the field of speech and language disorders

Admission Official Master's Degree in Communication and Language Disorders


Access to this master's degree is open to holders of an official bachelor's degree from a Spanish university or from another higher education institution within or outside the European Higher Education Area, provided this gives access to postgraduate studies in the country of issue.

Admission requirements

Those interested in taking the master's degree must be in possession of a university degree in one of the following fields:

  • Health sciences: speech therapy, psychology or medicine.
  • Education: teaching.
  • Humanities Library: linguistics.

The master's degree coordinator will review the academic transcript of all candidates who do not have a university degree in speech therapy or psychology and determine if there is a need to take any bridging courses (maximum 30 credits).

Knowledge of B1 level English and B2 level Spanish of the Common European Framework of Reference for the languages ​​of the Council of Europe are required

Selection criteria

In the event that the number of participants exceeds the number of places on offer, places will be awarded in accordance with the following priority criteria:

  • Academic transcript (up to 50 points). In accordance with the specific admission requirements, weighting for degree programmes is indicated in the following table:
Group Academic Transcript Weighting
1. Speech Therapy & Equivalent A (Excellent) 50 points
B (High Pass) 45 points
C (Pass) 40 points
2. Psychology or Equivalent A (Excellent) 30 points
B (High Pass) 25 points
C (Pass) 20 points
3. Other Degrees A (Excellent) 20 points
B (High Pass) 15 points
C (Pass) 10 points
  • Postgraduate degrees / certificates in accordance with the following weighting (up to 30 points).
Group Degree/Certificate/Courses Weighting
Specific training in the ambit of communication and language disorders MA or PhD 20 points
Postgraduate certificate 15 points
University Courses 5 points
Non-University Courses 5 points
  • Professional experience in the field of communication and language disorders (up to 20 points)

Complementary training

Depending on their prior training, students may need to take additional training courses in some areas. The selection committee will then analyse the student's academic training and establish which courses need to be taken, with a maximum of 15 credits.
The bridging courses will consist of the following subjects from the UAB bachelor's degree in speech therapy which are necessary to have an understanding of communication and language disorders:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Vocal Organs (6 credits). 
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Nervous System (6 credits). 
  • Neurology of Language (6 credits).
  • Involvement in spoken and written language disorders (9 ECTS credits).
  • Language disorders associated with other pathologies (6 ECTS credits).
  • Voice disruption: assessment and intervention (6 ECTS credits).
  • Hearing disruption: assessment and intervention (6 ECTS credits).