Study guides


Timetables 2014-2015.

Study plan information

Table of credits for each course

  Basic training Compulsory Optional Bachelor's degree final project
1st year 54 6    
2nd year 6 54    
3rd year   60    
4th year     48 12
Total 60 120 48 12

Period of study

Year-long, though the academic year is divided into semesters for scheduling purposes, with year-long courses and semester-long courses.

Part-time or full-time

Full-time (4 p.m. to 9 p.m.) and part-time (6 p.m. to 9 p.m.).


Basic training
Specialisation in Service Management
Specialisation in Multimedia Technologies in Services

Basic and compulsory training

1st year 2nd year
- Mathematics for Computation and Services
- Programming Principles
- Physical and Technological Fundamentals of Computer Science
- Business: Traditional Business Models
- Sociology of Services
- Fundamentals of Computers
- Business Models of Service Companies
- Person-computer interaction
- Services and Multimedia
- Computer Structure and Architecture
- Design of Web and Multimedia Applications with a User-Centred Methodology
- Society and Legislation on Information Systems: Professional Activity
- Management and Administration of Systems
- Databases
- Advanced Programming
- Multimedia Information Systems
- Statistics
3rd year 4th year
- Service-Orientated Architecture
- Fixed and Mobile Networks
- Software Engineering
- Data mining
- Distributed and Grid Systems
- Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation
- Project Management
- Architecture and Technology of Web Systems and Multimedia
- Design and Monitoring of Services
- Bachelor's Degree Final Project

Optional subjects

Specialisations are learning tracks included in the European Diploma Supplement (DS).
In order to obtain one, a minimum of 30 credits belonging to the chosen track must be taken.

4th year Specialisation in Multimedia Technologies in Services
- Work Placement (*)
- Information Systems in the field of Health
- Management of Healthcare Organisations
- Services in the field of the Environment
- Services in the field of Financial and Tax Law

(*) All optional subjects are for 6 credits, except this one, which is for 12 .
- Multimedia Programming
- Design and Assessment of Multimedia Systems
- Management of Knowledge and Innovation
- Videogames as Learning Tools
- Multimedia Technology and Mobile Devices
Specialisation in Service Management  
- Analysis and Modelling of Services
- Methodology of Consultancy for Service-Oriented Businesses
- Management of Knowledge and Innovation
- Services and Security
- Auditing and Quality of Services
Not all optional subjects are offered each year.