Study plan Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering (Specialisation in Information Technologies) + Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunication Systems Engineering

Study guides


Mornings and afternoons

Table of credits for each course

  Basic training Compulsory Optional Bachelor's Degree Final Project
1st year 57 6    
2nd year 12 52.5    
3rd year   67.5    
4th year   66    
5th year   30 12 24
Total 69 222 12 24

Period of study


Part-time or full-time

Full-time, with the possibility of part-time dedication in line with UAB regulations.

Basic and compulsory training

1st year 2nd year
1st semester
- Algebra
- Fundamentals of Computing
- Theory of Circuits and Electronics
- Fundamentals of Engineering
- Calculus
2nd semester
- Statistics
- Programming Methodology
- Discrete Mathematics
- Basic Physics
1st semester
- Digital Systems and Hardware Description Language
- Operating Systems
- Programming Lab
- Databases
2nd semester
- Fundamentals of Signals and Systems
- Information and Security
- Networks
- Computer Architecture and Peripherals
- Software Engineering
- Business Organisation and Management
3rd year 4th year
1st semester
- Electronic Components and Circuits
- Radiation and Guided Waves
- Fundamentals of Networks
- Discrete Signals and Systems
- Internet and Web Development Technologies
2nd semester
- Fundamentals of Communications
- Analogue Electronics
- Computer Architecture
- Advanced Internet Technologies
- Artificial Intelligence
1st semester
- Digital Processing of Signals
- Fundamentals of Information Technology
- Information Systems
- Software Design
2nd semester
- Data Integrity and Security
- Radio Communication Systems
- Web Systems and Technologies
- Optical Communications
- Theory of Communication
5th year  
- Bachelor's Degree Final Project
- Bachelor's Degree Final Project
1st semester
- Telecommunications Transmitters and Receivers
- Distributed Systems
- Project Management and Legislation
2nd semester
- Telecommunication Networks
- Ethics in Engineering
- Legislation

Optional subjects

5th year:
12 credits must be chosen from among the optional subjects included in both degrees.