Study plan Bachelor's Degree in Data Engineering

Bachelor's Degree Final Project

Degree Final Project is a compulsory subject that involves the student carrying out a project under the supervision of a director, in which they integrate and develop the training content, skills, skills and skills acquired during the degree. It is aimed at applying the competencies associated with the degree course.

It is an original exercise to be carried out individually and presented and defended before a university court, consisting of a project in the field of the specific technologies of professional data engineering in which the skills acquired in teaching are synthesized and integrated. This work involves a 300-hour student's personal workload. The work must have a clearly defined beginning and end, as it must be possible to complete it over a semester.

A single type of TFG is defined, as an 'applied project', which should not be seen as just a development project. Therefore, the type of work is not very specific or limited. The objective of this project could be any problem, system or situation that could be resolved by applying techniques, practices and own resources of the profession.

Each project must be considered unique. This does not mean that it should be innovative or produce an improvement on other similar solutions. It must be unique in terms of its resolution. From this point of view, it is possible for different students to do the same project or for a large project to be divided between several students.
The final objective of the project should not necessarily be to implement a production system or application, given the constraints of time and resources. It should be ensured that the entire process has been completed properly and that the development of the possible application or system is feasible based on the analysis and design carried out. However, the fact that the student demonstrates his or her ability to develop part of the application or a prototype of the system is welcomed.