Veterinary Medicine has made substantial contributions to the development of anatomy, histology and physiology and has led to great advances not only in veterinary science but also in the humanities. The UAB Bachelor's Degree in Veterinary Medicine trains students to work in the traditional areas of veterinary science: veterinary medicine and surgery, animal production and health, and food hygiene, safety and technology.

The UAB therefore offers the corresponding optional specialisation tracks, but also another track that covers an emerging field and one that provides new career opportunities for veterinarians: that of biomedical and pharmaceutical research. During the fifth year the following specialisation tracks can be taken:

  • Specialisation in Animal Production and Health
  • Specialisation in Further Food Sciences
  • Specialisation in Animal Medicine and Surgery
  • Specialisation in Experimentation in Biomedical Sciences

The UAB Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is the only one in Catalonia and one of the best in Spain and Europe. The faculty has modern facilities to support teaching and gives training of the highest quality in the various areas of the veterinary profession. It has been awarded the Certificate of the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE) in recognition of its quality as a teaching institution.

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has a new Veterinary Hospital, with a unit for small animals and another for large animals (the only horse unit in Spain), which provides teaching, research support and an external service as a high-quality veterinary hospital. The faculty also has a Farms and Experimental Fields Service that gives practical support to teaching and research activity; a Food Technology Plant, which is a research centre specialising in food technology, practicals, research and development of new products (dairy, poultry and poultry-derived, derived liquids, fish and fish products, bakery and winemaking products, functional foods and IV and V range foods.

The UAB has two centres that carry out outstanding research in veterinary science. One is the CReSA (Centre for Research into Animal Health), equipped to conduct research into infectious diseases biosecurity level 3. And the other is the CBATEG (Centre for Animal Biotechnology and Gene Therapy), a benchmark centre in Spain for gene therapy.

The European Committee on Veterinary Education has granted its accreditation to the UAB Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, in recognition of its teaching work, the efficiency of its management and its research excellence.

Student Profile

These studies are addressed to students with a good grounding in basic science, a vocational attitude, an interest in research and the following characteristics: observant, rigorous and critically aware, and able to analyse and synthesise.

We recommend that students should have previous knowledge of English and basic knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

Career options

The main areas of employment for graduates are:

  • Clinical care and surgery for domestic animals, farm animals and exotic animals
  • Animal health and production in livestock, aquicultural and agricultural farming
  • Hygiene and inspection of animal-derived foods in slaughterhouses, markets, food industries, freezing industries, etc.
  • Control of diseases and conservation of wild animals in zoos and natural spaces
  • Production of laboratory and stable animals
  • Genetic engineering and biofood laboratories

Coordinator and coordination team

Coordinator:  María Carmen Díaz-Bertrana Sánchez 

Course's Coordinators:
- Elena Albanell Trullas (1st Year) 
- Marc Navarro Beltran (2nd Year) 
- Roser Sala Pallarès (3rd Year ) 
- Margarita Martin Castillo (4th Year) 
- Sònia Añor Torres (5th Year) 

Teaching staff list

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Support tutorials

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Academic Calendar of the Faculty


Academic calendar

Academic calendar

Learning resources

Learning resources

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Bellaterra campus
Pre-enrolment code: 21083
115 places
Number of credits: 300
Duration: 5 years
Language: Catalan, Spanish and English.
Price per credit: 39.53 euros
Classroom-based learning
Period of study: Six-monthly
Part-time or full-time: Full-time dedication. Part-time option available.
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