Bachelor's Degree in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Engineering

You will become an engineer capable of designing renewable energy systems and have the skills needed to use energy efficiently in order to minimise any environmental impacts

General information

As a student in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, you will discover current renewable energy sources, such as hydrolic, eolic, photovoltaic, geothermal, solar thermal, concentrated solar power (CSP) and biomass; you will be oriented towards the search of new clean energy sources and the technologies they may imply, in oder to design, implement and maintain energy systems producing electricity and related to the network, transport and storage of electrical energy, thereby providing solutions which can optimise the process with ways to economise and efficiently use energy. You will gain skills belonging to cutting-edge fields such as the intelligence of microgrids, the internet of things, electric vehicles, micro-energies and harvesting.

At the Escola Universitària Salesiana de Sarrià you will be guided along your degree through our «Engineering by doing» method, centred on a skill-based learning which is applied applied in accordance with the most suitable teaching methods, and in which project-based tasks and and work placements are an essential part of the degree.

Career options

  • Design and implementation of power plants based on renewable energy sources.
  • Design, implementation, rehabilitation and maintenance of energy efficiency projects.
  • Energy efficiency and optimisation consultancy services, conducting studies on environmental, economic and social impacts.
  • Collaborating with producers, distributors and suppliers of renewable energies.
  • Technical positions in public administration sectors, with expertise in renewable energies and energy efficiency.


Mobility programmes

Professional training

Work placement timetables

The practice schedule is fully integrated in the academic schedule.


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