Degree New

Are you interested in digital communiation, computer generated contents, big data, video games, augmented reality and the creation of immersive surroundings? This degree offers everything you need in a leading centre for communications studies

Would you like to work with big data and generate eye-catching communication products? Are you passionate about creating stories, characters and worlds of fantasy and make them come to life by through computer coding? Do you agree that apart from technique and programming, first you need a good story? Do you want to be able to create friendly interfaces and design the way in which we interact daily with technology?

Then you are already part of the UAB. We offer:

  • A study plan which equips you with the tools needed to become an expert in a field with a broad local and international projection.
  • Become a professional in the creation of interactive services and products: design of complex webs, communication interfaces, experiences adapted to different surroundings, applications heightening users' experience, big data analysis and the creation of objects, characters and virtual geographies (video games, augmented reality scenarios, virtual reality, immersive experiences, creation of applications).
  • Learn to integrate technological innovations and emerging digital production tools to direct and manage interactive communication projects.
  • Work placements.