Career options

These qualifications are preferentially aimed at teaching and research, but also cultural management – both in journalistic and publishing formats - and the counselling of people and groups.
The main job prospects are those related to cultural management in association with public administrations or companies offering cultural services, both in direct relation to the training (courses, libraries, archives, book publishing, magazine and newsletter publishing, publication of science and thought), and other areas more related to leisure, informal education, cultural analysis, cultural journalism and human relations services (youth centres, monitoring, public relations).

"Philosophy has taught me to have a critical spirit and ask myself about the world surrounding me and how I relate to it. To learn to think, to learn what and how we think has given me the tools to grow as a person, and it has turned philosophy into a professional device with which to propose new ways of living in this world and making it better."
Slvia Gal

Mobility programmes

Professional training