Bachelor's Degree in Design

Study design in Barcelona: Graphic Design, Interior Design, Industrial Product Design, Visual Creation and Design Culture

General information

Study at EINA
Design is a strategic factor for the development of our world and one of the driving forces of our economy, knowledge and innovation. Aware of this reality, EINA focuses on teaching this discipline with a constant strive for renovation which leads to close collaborations in local and internacional projects and with businesses and institutions.

At EINA you will find:

  • Constantly evolving study plan and lecturing staff
  • Diversity of design specialisations (Graphic Design, Interior Design, Industrial Product Design, Visual Creation and Design Culture)
  • Possibility of choosing from different itineraries
  • Cross-curricular and core teaching
  • Personalised and ongoing support
  • Grants and aids for new students
  • Immersive campus
  • Specialised facilities
  • International exchanges
  • Work placements and jobs bank
  • Support for entrepreneurial initiatives and project culture
  • Countinuous learning: specialisation courses
  • Cultural platform: exhibitions and conferences
  • Strategic enclave. Barcelona, design capital
  • Transparency and quality
  • Large and diverse community of students
  • Possibility of establishing permanent ties
  • Student and graduate promotion
  • Strong positioning and rigour: UAB-affiliated centre
  • Experience and prestige

Career options

Professional in Graphic Design: Publishing design, books and periodicals, layout, corporate identity and company and public organisation images, development of brand image, art management, design of graphic interfaces, design for television, interactive and multimedia design, and typographic creation.

Professional in Visual Creation: Photography, photo editing and modification, illustration, poster design, serigraphy, creation of graphic art, stamping, animation, design of illustrated books, scientific illustration.

Professional in Product Design: Design of domestic, urban and workplace furniture, design of personal objects, gifts and household complements, office items, electrical appliances, automobile components, design of containers and packaging.

Design Culture Professions: Company management and design projects, organisation of design exhibitions, design criticism, design research and teaching, organisation of cultural events, coordination of publishing projects.


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