Admission Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy

Course access

Students wishing to take this course have different access routes, depending on their previous studies:

Type of access Option Admission mark 24/25

Secondary school diploma + University entrance exam (PAU) and CFGS (Advanced professional training)

Weighted subjects pertaining to the PAU specific phase:

  • Biology (0.2)
  • Physics (0.2)
  • Mathematics (0.2)

History of Philosophy (0.2)


University access for people over 25 Health Sciences option 7.000
Others Entrance exams for people over 45 7.000
Degree holders 8.220
Change of studies and validations  

Pre-enrolment code


Student Profile

Those taking this course must have the capacity for interpersonal relations and teamwork, the ability to listen and adapt to surroundings and show responsibility and dedication. They must also be capable of solving problems, making decisions, having an interest in self-learning and respecting different values and cultures. They should have the ability to shoulder responsibilities and be committed to people's health and well-being.
A good level in physics, mathematics and biology is recommended.

Additional training

Introductory course in Biostatistics (optional 10-hour course offerec in September)

Access related information

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