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Estudiants al campus UAB

Come visit the UAB campus during our Open Doors Sessions on 8 and 9 February, and participate in our online sessions on 10 Febrary 2023.


Those interested in participating in the UAB's Open Doors Sessions must fill out an individual registration form. This will help us prepare the spaces needed for each talk and keep you updated with all of the UAB's latest news. 

We will be offering almost 400 different information sessions during these three days in which our Open Doors take place. At each faculty, attendants will be able to discover all of the academic programmes available at the UAB and talk to lecturers from the degrees they are interested in, whether they be on campus or at one of our affiliated centres.

UAB students will also participate in the sessions to talk about their university experiences. 

All sessions will be held on campus on 8 and 9 February, two days in which visitors will also be able to explore the campus and discover the services offered, such as the residence halls at the Vila Universitària, the libraries, cafeterias and the Servei d’Activitat Física gym (SAF).

To attend the Open Doors Sessions, you must first fill out an individual registration form for each person interested in attending, so that the organisers can prepare the spaces needed for each session and keep you updated with all of the UAB's latest news.

In 2022, more attendants visited the UAB than expected and we reached a record number of visitors, over 24,000 registrations. Seating capacities are limited, so if you are interested, we recommend signing up now! 

Secondary school teachers can also sign up for the presentation session for teachers to discover the new academic programmes available in the 2023/24 academic year. Sessions will be held on 8 and 9 February at 10 a.m. at the UAB Cinema Hall (Plaça Cívica), and on 10 February online. 

You can also browse the Visit the UAB webpage to discover all of the activities offered, and academic programmes and services available at the UAB.

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