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Buddy Programme

Be part of the UAB Barcelona Summer School community participating in the Buddy Program. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a presential or online international atmosphere, participating in activities beyond the academic life. 

Through the UAB Barcelona Summer School, you will have access to a space to share your experiences with foreign students and learn about other cultures, besides making yours known. You will have at your disposal a space where activities will be held to make you enjoy the Summer School international experience.

  • Sessió de benvinguda

    Welcome Session

    At the Welcome Session you will be able to meet your fellow students and your teachers.

    This will take place in the Auditorium of Arts and Humanities Faculty 

  • Beach Volley

    Beach Volley

    Come and try the most famous summer sport and enjoy the SAF facilities!

    The activity will take place on July 13. We will meet in the Arts and Humanities Bar at 13:00h.

    Check the activity here.

    Registration form. 

  • GanapiesBuddy

    Human Towers

    Come and meet Ganàpies of the UAB.

    With them you can discover what 'els castells' are and also practice how to make them.

    The activity will take place on July 20. We will meet in the Arts and Humanities Bar at 13:00h

    Check the activity here.

    Registration form.

  • tibidabo

    On the top of Barcelona: Tibidabo

    Come on tour with your Summer colleagues and discover the best panoramic views of Bracelona city. 

    The activity will take place on July 27. We will meet in the Arts and Humanities Bar at 13:00h.

    Check the activity here.

    Registration form.

  • Posa't a prova i participa en concursos

    One challenge a week

    You'll have one challenge a week to discover Barcelona or UAB Campus.

    Are you ready? 


    First Challenge!

    Second Challenge!

    Third Challenge!

  • Cloenda de la Summer School

    Closing Session

    The Closing Session is the act that will determine the end of the course and will be held jointly with teachers and students.

    The Closing session will take place at the Rectorate building on 29 July at 12:00h.