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Marta Mozo receives an award for best PhD thesis for her work on mediation and conflict-resolution

24 Jan 2024
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Marta Mozo from the UAB PhD programme on Education is mediator and educational psychologist. She was recently awarded with the ADR Justícia 2023 Award for her PhD thesis on mediation and other conflict-resolution methods.

Picture of the awarded student

Her thesis, directed by lecturer Carme Armengol, is entitled Los aspectos que influyen en el rol del alumnado mediador de la ESO en Cataluña [The Aspects Influencing the Role of Student Mediators in Secondary Schools in Catalonia] and focuses on describing these students' role. The award, which included a cash prize of 6,000 euros, was presented to her by Minister of Justice, Rights and Memory Gemma Ubasart in an institutional event which took place on 17 January.

The Catalan Ministry for Justice, Rights and Memory presents these awards yearly to public administrations or professionals and private entities as a way to distinguish the best theoretical research projects and practical experiences developed in mediation and other conflict-resolution methods. Awards also go to the best publications and communication and dissemination actions conducted in this sector.