Changes in enrolment procedures for official master's degree 2012/13
Estudiants 26.07.2012 Studying  -  The enrolment process this year has undergone some important changes. If you haven't enrolled yet in an official master's degree for the 2012-2013 academic year, there are still programmes open which you can apply for during the extraordinary enrolment period. You can contact the coordinator of the master's degree until 17 October 2012 to start the enrolment process. You can find the coordinator's e-mail on the webpage of the master's degree you are interested in. Here you will find information on these changes and an enrolment fee simulator. Check all programmes for the 2012/13 academic year on the UAB website.

The Decree establishing prices for academic services in the 2012/13 academic year has established that the enrolment process of this year must undergo additional procedures. Given the relevance of these changes, UAB has prepared a University Masters Degrees Registration Handbook, updated with new information, and a document on New procedures in the enrolment of master's degrees.
Please read the document carefully, which contains all information on specificities which must be taken into account in the enrolment process of this 2012/13 academic year at UAB.

UAB also offers to all those interested an enrolment fee simulatorto help students calculate the import of this year's fees. The simulator calculates the approximate price of the official master's degree and the amount to be paid in each instalment in the case of fractionated payments. The simulator however only intends to offer an approximation of fee prices with the aim of helping students calculate enrolment fees according to the different possibilities available before finally enrolling at UAB.

UAB offers a list of official master's degrees, at public prices and adapted to the European Higher Education Area. Official master's degrees consists of between 60 and 120 ECTS credits according to indications of the Ministry. Depending on your prior training, the coordinator of the master's degree may advise you to take additional training courses (up to a maximum of 60 credits).

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