UAB analyses research challenges found in Social Sciences and the Humanities
13.03.2012 Research  -  On 26 March, UAB will offer an interesting reflection proposal through a workshop on "Social Sciences and the Humanities Face to Face with Today's Social Challenges". The event, aims to analyse the effects European research has locally and the best ways in transferring results.

The workshop to be held on 26 March is part of the activities of CONNECT-EU Social Sciences and the Humanities, sponsored by the Catalan agencies ACC1Ó and AGAUR, with the aim of boosting Catalan participation in the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union for R&D.

The event will include the participation of important guest researchers and will at the same time serve to present the new UAB portal on Knowledge Transfer in Social Sciences and the Humanities.

The workshop will be organised into two sessions. In the morning Ana Ripoll, Rector at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and Bonaventura Bassegoda, Vice Rector of Social and Cultural Transfer, will open the event by presenting speaker Louisa Anastopoulou, representative of the European Commission for Research and Innovation, who will be presenting the document Communicating Research for Evidence Based Policymaking, a practical guide for researchers of Social Sciences and the Humanities.

After a short pause, two successful cases will be presented by researcher of the UAB Department of Sociology, Teresa Sordé, and ICTA-UAB researcher Dr Christos Zografos.

The second session will begin in the afternoon with the presentation of the UAB portal on Knowledge Transfer in Social Sciences and the Humanities. The second part of the workshop will focus on discussing the best types of strategies to be applied in order to increase knowledge transfer from universities to society.

Jordi Marquet, Director of PRUAB, will talk on a very successful case, the spin-off SOCOL Tecnologia Social SL, stemming from IGOP. Following Mr Marquet's speech, Sara Jernberg, Project Manager of the Innovation Unit at the prestigious Uppsala University , will participate in the reflection on collaboration spaces.

The workshop will end with a round table on "Viewpoints of Researchers and Research Users" and the participation of guest speakers Dr Pere Marqués, Mr Jordi Canals, Mr Isidre Prat, Dr Sònia Sánchez and Mr Miquel Angel Vargas. The round table will be moderated by Vice Rector Bonaventura Bassegoda.

Those wishing to attend must sign up before 23 March.
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