Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Public Administration + Law


The double degree in Political Science and Public Administration and Law aims to train expert professionals prepared to work in several political and administration sectors (public administrations, government, international relations, political organisations, parliament, etc.) and with a mastery of legal discourse and techniques. This combination is still uncommon in our country, but the complexity and technical demands of today's politics make it a very necessary degree.

Students attend lectures in law-related subjects in the morning and in political science and public administration in the afternoon. The degree is offered at the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology, and at the Faculty of Law. Both faculties stand out for the internationalisation of the students (both have strong relations with other universities at home and abroad) and the work placement programmes help students in their transition from university to the job market.

Given the type of campus UAB has with almost all faculties close to each other, students will have no problem in taking this combined degree and attending classes at different faculties.

Both centres also maintain important ties with the academic and scientific sectors. The Faculty of Political Science and Sociology forms part of a broad network of research centres that generates a constant flow of ideas, knowledge and persons, thus assuring the presence of teaching staff of high academic standing and the best possible education for our students. The Faculty of Law has a strong background in teaching and research in fields such as European Union law, in which it works alongside the UAB's Institute of European Studies. The faculty's teaching staff includes three Jean Monnet Chairholders.

Student Profile

Students of this double degree must be interested in political and administration processes and must have the will to become directly implicated in these processes, working as public managers, legal advisors, expert consultants or upper-level civil servants. They must therefore by an informed person with political and social concerns, with good analytical skills and a critical and reflective spirit. It is essential for students to have good oral and written skills and an interest in the international dimension of this sector.

Career options

This combined training is particularly adequate for all activities related to political and administrative institutions, such as administrative bodies, international relations, consultancy to businesses and the media, international organisations, advisors and management of different entities (NGOs, political parties, social organisations), foundations and academic centres.

Coordinator and coordination team

Dr. Gabriel Colomé Garcia  Tel.  93 581 2425

Teaching staff list

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On-going assestment. You can check here the calendar of avaluations.

Academic calendar

Academic schedule of 2017-18

Learning resources

Learning resources

Faculty of Political Science and Sociology
Bellaterra Campus
Pre-enrolment code: 21104
20 places
Number of credits: 372 ECTS
Duration: 5.5 years
Language: Catalan, Spanish and English
Price per credit: 25.27 euros
Classroom-based learning.
Period of study: Six-monthly
Part-time or full-time: Full-time dedication. Part-time dedication can also be considered.
Social Sciences and Law

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