Vídeo promocional del Grau de Comptabilitat i Finances de la UAB

The Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Finance offers versatile training in the area of Social Sciences, with major specialisation in the world of accountancy and finance, and also optimum knowledge of the fields of business, economics and law.

This course enables students to add a Specialisation in Accounting and Taxation or in Financial Consultancy to their degree, for a career in banking, insurance, financial guidance, auditing or consultancy. The training received in accounting in this bachelor's degree permits students to develop basic aspects in accounting needed in companies, as well as to work on basic auditing tasks (in collaboration with other professionals in an auditing firm). The training in finances offered by this bachelor's degree permits evaluating which actives and investments are needed by organisations and choosing the most adequate financial resources (shares, bank loans, bonds, etc.). It also helps students understand the functioning of operations in the stock market and other financial markets, as well as to be able to analyse the risks and assess different business situations (investment projects, financial tools, etc.).


This course enables students to add a Specialisation in Accounting and Taxation or in Financial Consultancy to their degree, for a career in banking, insurance, financial guidance, auditing or consultancy.

The changes experienced by the world economy will no doubt lead to a rebuilding of the financial system and its regulations, which will require professionals specialising in financial management and the analysis of information on all levels. The UAB is aware of this challenge, and has implemented a degree aimed at students with a curiosity to understand the modern world, especially in terms of finance and business, the analysis and generation of accounting reports, budget control instruments and internal and external auditing.

The UAB Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Finances only has one precedent in Spain, though these studies do have a long tradition in Europe, especially the UK. A benchmark in this field, for example, is Accounting and Finance, at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

This degree is taught by the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies, on the UAB's Sabadell campus, which follows in the footsteps of the old School of Business Studies.

Student Profile

This bachelor's degree is addressed to students interested in acquiring professional training in the areas of accounting and finances in organisations and who also wish to gain skills in related areas and the economic situation in general.
We recommend students have skills in managing and interpreting numerical data.

Career options

Graduates in Accounting and Finance are equipped to work in any of the functional areas of an organisation (purchasing, production, logistics, quality, administration, human resources, sales, marketing, overall management of the business, coordinating the different areas, etc).

However, this degree prepares specifically for activities in accounting and finance:
Administrative, accounting and financial management of any department of an organisation, focusing on these tasks: controller, treasury management, risk analysis, generating and closing accounting reports, etc.
Consultancy on finance, tax and accounting, either freelance or employed by others.
Auditing of accounts, internally or externally, examining financial statements to determine their reliability.
Management in financial institutions (banks, insurers).
Advisors on investment and finance.

It also equips students with the skills needed to work as economists in public administration (local, autonomous region, state and EU levels), and other public organisations (hospitals, publicly-owned businesses etc.).

Teaching staff list

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Continuous assessment, taking into account all the students' work in class, in practicums and in oral and written presentations, and exams.


Mornings and/or afternoons

Academic calendar

Academic calendar

Learning resources

Learning resources

Faculty of Economics and Business Studies
Sabadell campus
Pre-enrolment code: 21084
140 places
Number of credits: 240
Duration: 4 years
Language: Catalan and Spanish. Some subjects may be taken in English.
Price per credit: 25.27 euros
Specific scholarships: Olga Torres academic achievement grants.
Classroom-based learning
Period of study:

Four academic years divided into two semesters each.

Part-time or full-time: Full-time dedication. Part-time option available.
Social Sciences and Law

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