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The Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics at the UAB aims to aid students in acquiring a solid scientific foundation of the different branches of mathematics and in gaining the knowledge and ability of analysis and abstraction needed to solve real problems and look for solutions in both academic and professional contexts. 

At the same time, the degree aims to enable students to transmit their mathematical knowledge, results and ideas, as well as apply the specialised skills acquired to other scientific or technological disciplines, such as economy, physics, computing, nanotechnology, etc.

The degree structure allows you to study different specialisations: Statistics, Mathematical Engineering, Economatics and Fundamental Mathematics. 

The programme equips students with skills that will then serve them in their profession or ongoing specialised studies. It must be taken into account that the industrial, financial and business sectors create mathematical models and tools and need experts who can put them to practical use. 

Ninety-five per cent of our graduates in Mathematics enter the workforce and with a satisfaction rate of 90%, it is no wonder that the UAB Department of Mathematics is one of the most prestigious in Spain. With publications in important international science journals in the field of mathematics, the department offers consulting services for businesses, and with the participation of professors who carry out their research in the prestigious Mathematics Research Centre (CRM). The UAB also takes part in the recently created Graduate School of Mathematics. The UAB offers the possibility of simultaneously studying Mathematics and Physics, a degree with one of the highest entrance grades in all of Spain.

Student Profile

The ideal student for this degree should have the following qualities: 

  • Tendency to apply a general approach to issues and use logical reasoning.
  • Interest in mathematics and physics.
  • Curiosity for science in general.
  • Ability for mathematical calculations and reasonings.
  • Ability to consider problem-solving a challenge and approach it with tenacity and work skills.

You will be required to have a secondary school education focused on Mathematics and have taken the university entrance exams (PAU) in this subject.

Career options

Currently, graduates with a degree in primary sciences are highly valued in the fields of new technologies for their capacity of analysis, abstraction and rigorousness which allows them to adapt easily to realities that are constantly changing. Mathematical models and tools are fundamental today in industrial, financial and business sectors, which need experts to develop and implement them.

The field of mathematics is essential for businesses in the following areas:

  • Financial and insurance institutions (assessment of derivatives, risk coverage, etc.).
  • Scientific/technical and IT consultancy services (optimisation of processes, communication networks, numerical methods, coding, cryptography, etc.).
  • Businesses and institutes working with statistics (quality control, exploratory analysis of data, big data etc.).
  • Companies with interdisciplinary research and development teams.

Once you complete this degree you will also be prepared to teach mathematics at different educational levels; or you can continue your education by taking a master's degree to further your professional training or begin a career in either basic or applied research.

Teaching staff list

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ECTS methodology consists of continued assessment of all academic work done by students.


Morning lectures and some afternoons in your first year.

Academic calendar


Learning resources

Learning resources

Faculty of Science
Bellaterra campus
Pre-enrolment code: 21003
70 places
Number of credits: 240 ECTS.
Duration: 4 years.
Language: Catalan, Spanish and English.
Price per credit: 35.77 euros.
Specific scholarships: Beques Pere Menal. This grant is awarded each academic year to the first-year student with the highest secondary school and university entrance exams mark. The grant covers tuition fees and the cost of books.
Classroom-based learning
Period of study: Six-monthly
Part-time or full-time: Full-time

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