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Generalitat opens new portal to promote Catalonia's universities
portal web Study in Catalonia 25.05.2012 Mobility  -  The portal Studyincatalonia.com, multilingual, dynamic and personalised, offers foreign students information on the studies and procedures to follow to study in Catalonia.

The Secretariat for Universities and Research of the Government of Catalonia has created a new multilingual website www.studyincatalonia.com. An interactive and personalised portal to inform about the studies offered in Catalonia's universities to students around the world. The new website includes thorough information on degrees students can take in Catalonia and of the procedures which must be taken according to their country of origin.

Studyincatalonia.com brings Catalonia's university and research systems closer to students and at the same time offers a complete map of postgraduate programmes of the twelve universities, both public and private. The web was designed to aid students in choosing their official university studies and offers tips and links so they can plan up to the last detail of their academic stay.

The information on the web is structured into seven themes: Living in Catalonia (with information on the country, accomodation options, etc.); Admission universities (which procedures must be followed to enrol in university); University system (information on all twelve universities of Catalonia); Degrees at our universities (with a list of the courses offered); Study abroad (with information on short academic stays without the need of undergoing the normal enrolment process); grants available; and links to other pages of interest.
In the Admission section students can enter their country of origin, their level of studies, and the type of studies they are interested in and the web will display a list of options available. Students can also consult programmes according to the area of knowledge, the language the studies are offered in, the percentage of international students enrolled and whether the degree belongs to an Erasmus Mundus programme.
Studyincatalonia.com is available in four languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and French.

For more information: www.studyincatalonia.com
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