Biomedical and bioinorganic synthesis and applications

Rational development of drugs; functional materials; nanoparticles in medical chemistry; metalloproteins; metallothioneins; metallic supplementation; anticancer drugs; metosurfactants.

Group description
The current SGR SABIO group is part of the Stereoselective Organic Synthesis Group, consolidated in 1993 at the UAB. Its main research interest is the design, synthesis and biological evaluation of new molecules to be used for therapeutic purposes in human pathologies, such as cancer, viral diseases (in particular HIV), malaria and some neuronal type alterations . With this objective, strategies based on the target compound are combined with the development of diversity-oriented synthesis.

Group members
Ramon Alibés Arqués
Pau Bayón Rueda
Félix Busqué Sánchez
Mercé Capdevila Vidal
Marta Figueredo (coordinator)
Joan Suades Ortuño
Óscar Palacios Bonilla

"Desarrollo de estrategias y agentes terapéuticos innovadores (DEATIN)"; MINECO 2017-19; Marta Figueredo (IP1), Ramón Alibés (IP2), Pau Bayón i Félix Busqué.


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