Sensors & Biosensors

Group leader
Julián Alonso Chamarro
Scope of the group
The Group of Sensors and Biosensors (GSB) is a multidisciplinary team integrated by researchers coming from different scientific fields, the main objective of which is the design and implementation of new sensing schemes and strategies directed to simplify the chemical and biochemical analysis. The accumulated interdisciplinary know-how and the technological facilities available in both the group and the UAB sphere  allows the group to move easily from the conceptual design to the fabrication of integrated (bio)analytical instrumentation for selected aplications.
Research lines
  • New transduction systems for chemical and biological recognition.
  • Characterization of Sensors and Biosensors and Analytical Applications
  • Technology Transfer
Group members
Julián Alonso Chamarro
Jordi Bartrolí Molins
María del Mar Baeza Labat
Francisco Cespedes Mulero
Esteve Fàbregas Mart?nez
Maria Isabel Pividori Gurgo
Manel del Valle Zafra
Mª del Mar Puyol Bosch
Recent selected publications
-  F. Céspedes y S. Alegret. “New materials for electrochemical sensing: II. Rigid carbon-polymer biocomposites”. TRAC-Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 19 (2000) 276-285
- A. M    A.  Merko?i, M. Pumera, X. Llopis, B. P?rez, M. del Valle and S. Alegret. New materials for electrochemical sensing VI: Carbon nanotubes 
TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 24, 826-838 (2005)
- Ambrosi A, Casta?eda MT, Killard AJ, Smyth MR, Alegret S and Merkoci A
Double-codified gold nanolabels for enhanced immunoanalysis
Analytical Chemistry, 79 5232-5240 (2007)
- Gutierrez M, Alegret S, del Valle M. Potentiometric bioelectronic tongue for the analysis of urea and alkaline ions in clinical samples. Biosensors & Bioeletronics, 22 (9-10), 2171-2178 (2007)
- S.Sanchez, M.Roldan, S.P?rez, E.F?bregas. Towards a fast, easy and versatile immobilization of biomolecules into Carbon nanotube/Polysulfone based biosensors for the detection of hCG hormone. Analytical Chemistry, 80 (17), 6508–6514 (2008)
- A. Lermo; S. Campoy; J. Barb?; S. Hern?ndez; S. Alegret; M.I. Pividori. In situ DNA amplification with magnetic primers for the electrochemical detection of food pathogens. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 22(9-10), 2010-2017 (2007)
- Cynthia S. Martnez-Cisneros, Zaira da Rocha, Marcos Ferreira, Francisco Valdes, Antonio Seabra, Mario Gongora-Rubio and Julian Alonso-Chamarro. A Monolithic Continuous-Flow Microanalyzer with Amperometric Detection Based on the Green Tape Technology. Analytical Chemistry, 81 (17), 7448–7453, (2009)            
- Mireia Baeza, Carmen Lopez, Julian Alonso, Josep Lopez-Santin, and Gregorio Alvaro.
Ceramic Microsystem Incorporating a Microreactor with Immobilized Biocatalyst for Enzymatic Spectrophotometric Assays. Analytical Chemistry, 82 (3), 1006–1011 (2010).
- Sara G?mez-de Pedro ,  Cynthia S. Mart?nez-Cisneros ,  Mar Puyol and Juli?n Alonso-Chamarro. Microreactor with integrated temperature control for the synthesis of CdSe nanocrystals. Lab on a Chip, 12, 1979-1986 (2012).
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