Functional Materials and organic reactivity

Group leader
Rosa Mª Sebastián Pérez

Materials, polymers (dendrimers, benzoxazines, cyanoacrylates), coatings, self-healing, photochemistry, molecular photoswitches,chromophoric compounds, luminiscent compounds, nanocapsules, mesophorous materials, biological activity, metal and silica nanoparticles, catalysis, biocides, reactivity, highly fluorinated compounds, hydrophobicity,

Reserach lines and group information
Our research groups is multidisciplinary. This project is focused in the preparation of different materials with the main goal of addressing some challenges of the society. Our research can be classified in four main lines: a) generation of new photoactive compounds, materials and processes  (photoinduced polymerizations, photofunctional materials and molecular photoswitches); b) preparation of metal and silica nanoparticulated materials for catalysis, biomedical applications (silver and organosilica NPs) and sensing (dendrimers); c) fluorinated molecules and materials for coatings and household applications; d) synthesi of polymers, searching new catalysts (benzoxazines, cyanoacrylaes, epoxy resins).

José Luis Bourdelande Fernández
Jordi Hernando Campos
Jordi Marquet Cortés
Roser Pleixats Rovira
Adelina Vallribera Massó

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