Certificates and Exams


We offer language exams to the university community and to anyone aged 16 or more who wishes to certify their level of proficiency in a language. Our level certificates are university certificates, issued by the UAB Language Service and recognised by all Catalan universities, the Catalan Government (Generalitat) and many companies and organisations. They are valid for obtaining credits at the UAB, and as proof of having the required B2 level in a third language, for universities in Catalonia.

The exams for the September 2020 session will take place between 10 and 21 September. For more information please visit the website in Catalan.

See Spanish or Catalan version.

The exams for the January session will take place on 29th January and 31st January. For more information please see the Catalan or Spanish versions.

In accordance with Spanish Royal Decree 463/2020, declaring a state of alarm for the management of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, the UAB has reduced all on-site activity to that which is strictly necessary for guaranteeing the safety of people and facilities. For this reason, and in accordance with agreement 45/2020 of the UAB Governing Council, the management of the UAB Language Service hereby resolves to postpone.

We will publish the new exam session dates as soon as possible