Certificates and Exams

Exams on demand

UAB Idiomes Campus organises on-demand exams in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish for anyone who needs to certify their language competences before the next scheduled exams period.

Our exams are face-to-face exams.

In the case of English, UAB Idiomes Campus offers a multi-level exam that allows any level to be certified, from level B1 to level C1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). If you are interested in taking the multilevel English exam, you can sign up online

English multilevel exam (B1-B2-C1) on demand price

  • UAB  Sutdents and Staff : 186,00€
  • Others: 232,00 €

Description of the multilevel English exam

In the case of German, Spanish or French, the exams are single-level, so if you are interested in taking one you need to specify which CEFR level you want to be examined at (from A1 to B2, in Spanish, from A1 to C1).

Send an email to the address: <avaluacio@uab.cat>, with the following information.

1. Your full name and national identity number (DNI or passport).
2. The date the certificate is needed for.
3. The week in which you would like to take the exam.
4. In the case of German, French or Spanish, the level of the exam.

In its reply the Assessment and Certification Unit (UAC) will tell you whether the exam can be taken, the exam fees, and the proposed day and time for the exam. You can then confirm the dates and enrol for the exam at the offices of the Language Service (UAB Idiomes Campus). The exam fees must be paid before taking the first part of the exam.

German, French or Spanish unilevel exam on demand price

  • UAB  Sutdents and Staff : 134,00€
  • Others: 177,00 €

After the exam has been taken a minimum of five working days is needed before the certificate can be issued.