Professional language services

Translation and Text Correction

The document formats that we most usually work with are Word, Excel and PowerPoint, OpenOffice, html, xml, rtf, txt. Please consult us if your project involves working in other formats.

When editing Word documents, our standard policy is to make all changes visible through the Track-Change option. We will also frequently provide marginal comments as a means of clarifying changes or guiding the authors towards effective solutions.

The Unitat d’Assessorament Lingüístic i Traduccions reserves the right, having accepted the assignment and at any point in its undertaking, to halt the process of correction if we detect that the text in question has been generated—wholly or in any part—by means of an automatic translator. In such an event, all agreement on project deadlines would be deemed invalid.

Please compress very long documents to avoid problems when sending them by e-mail. In the event of sending multiple documents, we suggest that these are placed in a single folder and that they are also compressed.

Deadlines depend on a number of factors such as document length, format, subject and content, level of difficulty and the general volume of work being handled by the Language Service when you submit your documents. However, as a guideline, corrections of up to five pages of text (c. 250-300 words per page) can be available in one working day; translation of five pages would require three working days.

All deadlines refer to working days (Mondays to Fridays). Public and UAB holidays are deemed non-working days when establishing an applicable deadline.

Please note: this information is given simply as a guideline and may vary in periods of peak demand. If your project requires completion before a set date (for example, for journal or conference submissions), please inform us of this so that we can attempt to accommodate this requirement.

Email us with your translation or text revision needs at this address:
You can also us this address for any queries you may have about our services.