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The relations established between the sites and their surrounding regions work towards strengthening the whole community. Come and be a part of it!

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The UAB Archaeology and Palaeontology Campus wishes to express its gratitude for all the help and support received from our sponsors, patrons and collaborators who, from a variety of different profiles, have and will continue to contribute to the development and consolidation of this project. The network of archaeological sites and facilities that make up the campus has become an extraordinary pole of research, innovation, knowledge transfer and regional development. Thank you all!

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The UAB Archaeology and Palaeontology Campus is a useful resource for scientific research and development in the fields of Archaeology, Palaeontology and Cultural Heritage, as well as in their management and dissemination.
The UAB's research groups and centres, and its bachelor's and master's degrees, generate important synergies with the surrounding regions in which the University conducts research (archaeological and palaeontological sites) and teaches (hands-on experience at undergraduate and postgraduate levels).