Official Master's Degree in Photonics


This master's degree has been awarded the new distinction as an International Master's Programme (IMP) by the Government of Catalonia.

The field of optics and photonics is at the forefront of many highly useful technological applications in a wide range of subject matters including everything from information technology and telecommunications and applications in medicine and in industry to metrology and detection and advanced research. That is why it is important to train good researchers and professionals in this field.

Career options

This Master's degree will prepare you to become a valuable and recognised professional with the ability to develop your skills in R&D departments belonging to the optical, laser, communications or optoelectronics sector, or research institutes.


Part-time or full-time: Full-time
Faculty: Faculty of Science
Other participating universities:

Universitat PolitŤcnica de Catalunya (coordinator)
University of Barcelona

The Master in Photonics is an interuniversity course both in its teaching aspects (lecturers from all three universities involved participate) and as regards location (the students spend time at all three campuses).

Collaborating institutions:Institute of Photonic Sciences (Universitat TŤcnica de Catalunya)

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