Bachelor's degree in Prevention and Integral Safety and Security

Official training in coordinated risk prevention management with the aim of becoming a professional in the public, private and health and safety prevention and security sectors 

 Video of the Bachelor's degree in Prevention and Integral Safety and Security
The bachelor's degree in Prevention and Integral Safety and Security will enable you to develop your professional career in 3 large sectors of prevention and security: the public, private and health and safety sectors.

This official degree, the first in Spain to receive the AQU seal of approval, will equip you with knowledge and skills in:

  • Cybersecurity
  • The environment and quality assurance
  • Public and private security
  • Risk prevention in the workplace
  • Risk analysis
  • And all other matters needed to offer an integrated respoonse to conflicts

What does the degree and the School of Prevention have to offer?

  • A multidisciplinary and preventive view of security
  • Multiple career options in public and private security
  • 95% job employment, 73% in managing and technical positions
  • Professional skills:
    • Specialisation in Labour Security: to become a senior technician in the three specialisations (hygiene, ergonomics and industrial security)
    • Specialisation in Management of Private Security and Private Investigation: to become head of security, director of security, private detective, etc.
  • International mobility
  • Personalised attention

The degree can also be taken online.

Career options

The main areas of employment for graduates are:

  • Occupational risk management
  • Management in Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Community risk management
  • The environment
  • Fire prevention and civil protection
  • Quality
  • Human resources
  • Risks in organisations
  • Occupational risk
  • Cybersecurity
  • Private security
  • Public security
  • Food safety specialist
  • Road transport and safety specialist
  • Specialist in self-protection plans
  • Compliance

This degree also qualifies you to work in the following legally regulated professions:

  • Specialist in occupational risk.
  • Security manager.
  • Private detective.

Preparation for the exam of the Department of the Interior of the Government of Catalonia to become a specialist in self-protection plans:

  • Local area (basic level)
  • Autonomous community (higher level)

"I am doing a paid intership on the prevention of occupational risks in a company and I am very happy here."
Patricia Garca