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Crohn disease causes ulcers in the small and large intestine. Disease symptoms, medicine secondary effects and the potential complications contribute to a psychosocial and emotional worsening that can cause anxiety or depression. A case-control study carried out by the Digestology Unit of the Parc Taulí Sabadell Hospital has demonstrated that,...

The mood state with which we face stressful situations has a decisive influence on the strategies that we prepare to get through them and is not consequence of situations themselves, as was believed until now. This was the conclusion made by a UAB research team after monitoring more than 300 university students to examine how they prepared for...

Apunts per estudiar

What exactly is the obsessive-compulsive disorder? The investigations in this area advance but the cure is still unknown. Scientists of the UAB are adapting an english language measuring device to detect obsessive symptoms for spanish speakers. A surveillance that will raise possible solutions.

Punt final al comportament obsessiu

Visual illusions, mirages that do not lie

In the figure of the left you will notice that the circles move. Well, what you see is not true. What happens is a visual illusion that is being produced right now in your head. A group of researchers at the Department of Basic, Evolutionary and Educational Psychology is studying our...

Les ilusions visuals podrien ser una protecció necessària.

In according with our temperament we run the risk of being an addict. Investigators of the Institute of Neurosciences suggest that people who search constantly new sensations are potentially addicts. This conclusion is the fruit of a study produced with morphine and snooper rats.

Un estudi relaciona l'addicció i la tendència perseverant a explorar