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Impatience generates social inequalities

When a self-sufficient society opens to the market economy, new economic inequalities appear. A subjective factor influences decisively in the configuration of these inequalities: patience. According to this research, impatient people tend to underestimate the value of education, that...

La impaciència genera desigualtats socials

Biofuels: An Advisable Strategy?

Daniela Russi, Ph.D. Candidate of the UAB's Department of Economics and Economic History, has made a thesis to study the environmental consequences of the production and use of biofuels. She concludes that using public funding to support a large scale biofuel production is not an advisable strategy.


The simple consumption of a product is part of an ecological footprint that we left in the planet. Our habits produce an impact and thanks to this indicator of sustainability we can measure it. A group of investigators of the UAB have created a methodology that allows to calculate the environmental impact of a specific activity: the...

La petjada ecològica dels nostres desplaçaments per Barcelona