UAB-CIE: Campus of International Excellence

The Campus of International Excellence project

Campus of International Excellence

Since the beginning of 2009, the UABCEI project titled "Una aposta pel coneixement i la innovació" ("A Commitment to Knowledge and Innovation") has been framed to be closely linked to the university's strategic plan, with which it jointly addresses three significant challenges facing the institution over the coming years:

  • Improvement in research and teaching, taking an important qualitative and quantitative step forward, both in equipment and infrastructures, on the one hand, and programmes and activities, on the other.
  • Promotion of the internationalisation of the UAB and its projection, by establishing bridges with other institutions of prestige, through international collaboration and mobility programmes, and by defining the necessary measures to attract talent.
  • More intense interaction with the immediate environment, taking fullest advantage of synergies, integrating local institutions by creating a veritable ecosystem of knowledge and by consolidating the role of the UABCEI as an economic and cultural motor within Catalonia.

Over this time, the CEI programme has been a stimulus for a great number of activities that mark the tempo in the transformational process of the UABCEI campus. Beyond carrying out these activities, it has also contributed to generating transformational policies, to fostering multi-institutional projects framed within strategic networking, with new cluster and alliance models, and to initiating a profound reflection into developing of ecosystems of knowledge and innovation.

The evolution of the UAB-CEI campus d'excel·lència programme has led us to the concept of EsferaUAB-CEI, which can be interpreted as a partnership in which the university has taken on a central role and has stimulated the search for synergies, the optimisation of resources and, in short, the exploration for new frameworks of collaboration.

It cannot be doubted that changes taking place at a global level, essentially in socioeconomic models, are determining new scenarios to which the university must adapt and prepare itself in order to play a fundamental role in such contexts, following the proposals set out by te European Commission and Horizon2020.

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