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History of Catalonia Database

The Fons d’Història Local de Catalunya (FONSHL) is a free access bibliographic catalog on History of Catalonia. The FONSHL was produced by the UAB's Servei de Documentació d'Història Local de Catalunya (SDHLC) under the direction of professor Dr. Borja de Riquer for 25 years.

Since April 2012 the FONSHL has became the responsabilty of the History section of SIBHIL·LA, a new UAB's technical and scientific service.

Nowadays FONSHL contains more than 167.690 bibliographical references. These references have been selected in general and university libraries, museums, archives and local information centres of Catalonia. It also has references of journal articles on Catalonia from Spanish scientific journals that were provided, thanks to an agreement, by the CINDOC (CSIC), and other references that came from 13 local and regional databases developed by the SDHLC.

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