Specialisation in Management, Preservation and Dissemination of Photographic Archives

Specialist university-level training in organising, exploiting, managing and commercialising photographic fonds, collections and archives

Apply for admission to the programme

The admission process serves to ensure that all students meet the programme's requirements and thus guarantee an optimal work environment during the course. To apply for admission, you must follow the application procedure explained in this page. You can apply online or on site, and in both cases you will need to provide the required documentation.

In the event of seats remaining once the final date of application is expired, the coordination may prolongue it.

Online or in person application

Apply for admission online or in person.

Online application:

We recommend you to scan the required documentation previously to have it ready.

The application interface will ask you to specify the codes of study and edition of the programme to which you want to enroll. Data from this program are: Study: 2794 and Edition: 7

To fulfill the application you need a NIU (UAB's University Identification Number). Choose the appropriate option for your case:

If you have any further questions, please e-mail to formacio.continua.fuabformacio@uab.cat or call us at 93 592 9710.

In person application:

You can also apply in person, coming to FUAB Formació's academic secretariat, at the White Building, ground floor, UAB Campus. Maps and schedules. Phone: 93 592 9710; mail: formacio.continua.fuabformacio@uab.cat


Application dates

from 23/10/2023 to 04/02/2024

Required documentation

- Official Bachelor Degree or comparable
- Academic record
- DNI, NIE (double-sided scanning) or valid passport
- ID sized photograph (176 x 220 px. in jpg format)


Registration Form for access without university title

Access requirements

The graduate programme is addressed to professionals managing photographic funds like archivists, photographers, librarians, documentalists, museologists, curators, researchers, and collectionists.

- With university degree: from any knowledge area.
- Without university degree: candidates with professional experience in the field of photography may also be admitted. In this case, however, the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona will issue a Certificate of Attendance upon completion of the course.

Selection criteria

Your Curriculum Vitae will be assessed to determine your professional ties with the sector of archiving and the treatment of photographic documents, with preference given to those who have professional experience in this field.

Notice of admission

The admission resolution will be sent to the e-mail address you specify when you fill the application. In this e-mail you will receive detailed information of the enrolment procedure.

The resolution will not be published on the web. All communication will be via e-mail.

Be sure to check your e-mail spam folder. Sometimes messages are treated as spam.

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