Master's Degree in Child and adolescent psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychology


A minimum of 750 hours corresponding to placements/work in a partner centre must be spent each academic year, distributed as follows: four hours per day, five days per week, nine months per year. These must be appropriately assessed and certified by the centre. These placements are classed as mandatory.
During their placements, students must perform the following tasks.

- First consultations
- Psychometric explorations
- Guidance and diagnostic feedback
- Discussion of diagnoses and interventions made
- Psychological and psychiatric interventions
- Monitoring of patients with different psychopathological disorders
- Attendance at clinical sessions
- Involvement in the lines of research being pursued at the centre.

The course coordinators keep a constant check on the tasks assigned to ensure these are suitable and respond to the students' need for practical training.
The partner centres designate a tutor to plan, coordinate and assist in the placement. At the end of the placement period the tutor issues a report attesting to the progress made, which will be used for assessment purposes within the programme The report assesses the student on the basis of the following criteria.
- Attendance
- Interest
- Motivation to diversify learning
- Real preparation
- Progress made

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