Specialisation in Social Economy: Local Development, Cooperatives and Social Transformation

Do you want to learn more about the theory and practice needed to constitute, launch and consolidate initiatives for Social Economy and Solidarity?

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  • UAB Specialisation Diploma
  • Code: 3780/7
  • 7th edition
  • Modality: Onsite
  • Credits: 30 ECTS
  • Start date: 08/11/2023
  • Finish date: 11/07/2024
  • Places: 30
  • Orientation: Professional
  • Price: 1680 €
  • Special price 336 €
    Group of application:
  • Teaching language: Catalan
  • Location: Facultad de Economía y Empresa-Campus Sabadell, C / Emprius, 2, 08202 Sabadell

Tuition partially financed by the Generalitat de Catalunya's Programa d'Economia Social and the Departament d'Empresa i Treball, and by the Spanish's Ministerio de Trabajo y Economía Social.

You will gain a broad view of the potential, different facets and limitations of the Social Economy and Solidarity as tools for changing the current models that predominates in socioeconomic development. 

You will learn about the theoretical framework and practical tools for the construction and consolidation of cooperative projects or organisations in the field of Social Economy and Solidarity and the social fabric

You will get first-hand knowledge of specific experiences, rooted in our surroundings or beyond them, making the local economy a reality and offering a response to needs, rights and concerns from practices of democracy, equality and sustainability in an economically and organisationally solvent manner. 

You will be able to study i detail a n area of Social Economy and Solidarity that is of particular interest to you (from the theoretical aspects of Social Economy and Solidarity to the definition and detailed analysis of a specific initiative) working collaboratively and with tutorial support

You will complete your training in the area you have chosen (economics, law, engineering, education, etc.) by obtaining a qualification in the area Social Economy and Solidarity, demanded by organisation in that area, public administrations and associations.   

Career opportunities

- Social entrepreneurship
- Consultancy services for social economy organisations
- Consultancy services for the public administration on social economy matters.



UAB masters and graduate diplomas may include or facilitate external academic internships in companies or institutions in order to help the student to achieve a level of expertise that facilitates the insertion or promotion in the workplace.

For this study programme non-curricular (optional) internships are possible:

  • Non-curricular
    As a UAB student, you have access to the University occupation portal, the Occupability Service, through which you can participate in selection processes for non-curricular practices as well as getting a contract. In both cases, you need to sign up to the Nexus application.

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Coordinating centres

Facultad de Economía y Empresa

Collaborating centres

Promoció Econòmica de Sabadell, S.L
Teler Cooperatiu


Rosa Garcia Hernandez

Phone: 935812293

Quality Assurance

Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d'Empresa i Treballeconomia socialMinisterio de Trabajo

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