Graduate Diploma in Garden Art and Design

Design and create exterior spaces where plants and nature have an essential role from an artistic perspective setting out from a technical and scientific proposal

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  • UAB Graduate Diploma
  • Code: 4310/2
  • 2nd edition
  • Modality: Onsite
  • Credits: 30 ECTS
  • Start date: 15/11/2021
  • Finish date: 31/05/2022
  • Places: 25
  • Orientation: Professional
  • Price: 3600 €
  • Special price 3240 €
    Group of application:
  • Teaching language: Catalan (50%), Spanish (50%)
  • Location: EINA, Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona , Passeig de Santa Eulàlia 25, Barcelona

The Postgraduate course in Garden Design and Art at EINA trains interior designers, architects, engineers and people from the art world who want to continue their training with garden design. 

The programme is open to people with previous experience, curiosity or interest in this area and enjoys the collaboration of outstanding institutions from the sector. 

This course offers a greater knowledge of creative design and formal expression and a greater professional experience in garden specialisation as well as in all the content which unites the areas of action necessary for the conception and development of garden spaces. 

The postgraduate course is taught by professionals from different disciplines such as Fernando Benedicto, Susana Brosed, Manuel Casares, Maria Mercè Compte, Tània Costa, Pau de Solà-Morales, Pere Fraga, Teresa Garceran, Imma Jansana, Margarita Kirchner, Ana Luengo, Francesc Muñoz, Raúl Oliva, Ramon Parramon, Josep M. Riba, Montse Rivero and Mercè Tries.

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Coordinating centres

EINA, Centro Universitario de Diseño y Arte de Barcelona


Berta Fort

Phone: 932030929

Additional information

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