Graduate Diploma in Editorial Photography and Design

Put together creative, innovative photography projects for exhibitions, publications and editorial productions in general

Apply for admission to the programme

The admission process serves to ensure that all students meet the programme's requirements and thus guarantee an optimal work environment during the course. To apply for admission, you must follow apply.

Location for the Application

EINA, University School of Design and Art of Barcelona (associate centre)

Access requirements

Student profile: Graduates in design, communication and advertising, fine arts, professionals with experience in photography, in design, or in the field of visual creations.

The programme is addressed to people with training or professional experience in the fields of graphic design, journalism, advertising, fine arts and publishing. A university degree is required to be admitted to the programme. In exceptional cases, depending on your personal skills or other work experiences, you may be admitted to the programme even if you do not hold a university degree and issued a certificate at completion.

Selection criteria

Prior training and professional experience in the field of graphic design, photography, and other related fields will be taken into account. The level of experience will be assessed according to the professional curriculum vitae and digital Book/Portfolio (10 images/works) – PDF document which must not surpass 2MB - that you present when registering for the programme.

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