Course in Training course in Laboratory Animal Science for scientists responsible for the design or conduct of animal experiments (October)


This course aims to respond to the training requirements defined by the legislation for the use of animals in research (EU Directive 63/2010, RD 53/2013 and ECC/566/2015). This legislation defines, among others, two functions for which prior training is required and that are relevant to perform a doctorate in an area that requires the use of animal models: a) carrying out procedures on animals and b) designing procedures and projects. In addition, the course covers the requirements necessary for the functions of animal care and euthanasia.

The syllabus of this course is the same as the course that in a classroom form has been offered by the UAB since the year 1998. However, the increasing mobility of scientists makes necessary to offer a course in English. In addition, the development of the theoretical content in an on-line version will also facilitate to organize more flexible editions of the course and a better adaptation to the needs of the training of scientists before they start their job.

This course will be inside the accreditation of FELASA already existing for the classroom form of the course (FELASA 002/03F). This accreditation, while ensuring quality standards, facilitates the recognition of these capacities in the countries of the European Union.

The course includes the attendance to laboratory for hands on training.


National and European legislation on protection of experimental animals
Ethics, animal welfare and 3R
Basic biology of laboratory species
Care, health care and handling of animals
Animal welfare
Refinement in the experimental procedures
Anaesthesia for minor procedures
Anaesthesia for surgery or lengthy procedures
Principles of Surgery
Design of procedures and projects


The course is addressed to Graduates planning to undertake research in biomedicine requiring the use of animal models. The course covers the core, function and specific task modules for the following functions (art. 23 EU63/2010):
a) carrying out procedures on animals;
(b) designing procedures and projects;
(c) taking care of animals;

(d) killing animals.

Access requirements

- All students must have an academic degree.

- If the previous degree competences do not include the understanding of the basic principles of animal biology, the student must also take the module on basic animal biology and physiology and pass it before continuing with the rest of the syllabus.


Patri Vergara

Phone: 935811848



UAB Specialisation Course

13 Edition
Places: 20
Orientation: Research, Professional
Code: 3644/13
Price: 1420 ¤
Special price: 900¤
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Modality: Blended
Location: Facultad de Veterinaria. Campus UAB. Bellaterra (Barcelona)
Dates: from 01/10/2019 to 31/03/2020
Teaching language:
English (100%)
Coordinating centres:
Facultad de Veterinaria
Departamento de Biologia Celular, Fisiología e Inmunología
Collaborating centres:
Title obtained:
certificate of Training course in Laboratory Animal Science for scientists responsible for the design or conduct of animal experiments

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