Foto de Ana Cristina Barroeta
  • Biography
  • Ph.D.,Veterinary Faculty, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 1989.
    B.S., Veterinary Faculty, Universidad de Zaragoza, 1982.
    European College of  Poultry Veterinarian Science specialist, 2015.
  • Projects
  • My main field of work is monogastric nutrition, in particular poultry and pigs. My principal research line is focused on the use of added fats and antioxidants in poultry and pig feeding in order to improve the quality of the meat and eggs. I’m specifically interested in the use of fat by-products in feed formulation, nutritional value of added fats, lipid digestion and absorption processesin the digestive tractand the interrelationship between the lipid composition of the feed and food.