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Josep M. Millàs i Vallicrosa (Santa Coloma de Farners, 1897-Barcelona, ​​1970) excelled in the study of the history of science in Muslim Spain and in the study of medieval Hebrew poetry, and  he founded a school of Arabists and historians of science who has not stopped exploring Al-Andalus's science with exemplary rigor.

In 2000 the personal library of Josep Maria Millàs Vallicrosa became part of the monographs and magazines collections of the History of Science section of the Science and Technology Library and, to a lesser degree, the collections of the libraries of Medicine and Humanities. Generically speaking, this fund has been designated under Millàs Collection.
Description of the collection: The Millàs Collection includes 1,894 monographs and reprints about Arab science, scientific instruments, medieval Hebrew poetry, history of astronomy and mathematics, and historiography of science. Several serial publications (including 40 volumes of Isis and  Archives Internationales d'Histoire des Sciences magazines that complement our serials); and the almost complete collection of works by Josep Maria Millàs. Apart from the enormous symbolic value of his personal collection (1901-1987), among which 70 original correspondence, 49 works and 415 different documents stand out. The works that comprise it substantially expand the possibilities for research in history, philology and history of  science at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

It contains the archive of Eduard Millàs i Vendrell (Barcelona, 1937–1999), son of Millàs Vallicrosa and the historian Francisca Vendrell i Gallostra. Eduard Millàs's archive consists of seven boxes containing more than seventy ring folders. Most of the documents correspond to handwritten notes and notes on key texts in the history of ancient and medieval Arabic astronomy, the preparation of published works and, above all, the university teaching of these subjects.  

Limit dates: 1746-1998
Date of incorporation: 2000
Depository Library: Science and Technology Library
Where to consult the documentation: Science and Technology Library, Medical Library and Humanities Library
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