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CeRPTA develops new gluten-free bread

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Researchers at the Special Centre for Plant Food Technology Research (CeRPTA) at the UAB have developed for the first time, bread with 0% gluten which is greatly superior in quality to the current products available to celiacs. The product has been100% successful in trials carried out. The result increases the nutritional value of the product, increases shelf life and gives a texture similar to traditional bread.

Celiac disorder is a permanent intolerance of gluten which demands a life-long strict diet without gluten. Gluten is a protein which is present in some cereals such as wheat, rye, barley, triticale (hybrid of wheat and rye) and, possibly in barley. Ingestion of gluten produces atrophy of intestinal velli, which disappear. Food is not absorbed and inflammatory lesions appear. It affects individuals who are genetically prone to the disease, both in children and adults.

Currently the incidence is 1:100 (approximately). The celiac population is tending to grow fast and, therefore, the number of consumers is significantly increasing.

The products on offer are continually improving, although they have to adapt to a special different taste, which is not always pleasant. The work of the researchers at the CeRPTA is aimed at improving existing products, taking into account the growing direct and indirect needs of the celiac population.

The objective has been to produce a type of bread for celiacs with a similar flavour to that of bread made with wheat flour and with a similar texture, a spongy crumb and  "normal" volume and which has a more personalized flavour to differentiate it from existing products.

We have worked along two lines: firstly, focussing on a high quality product 100% without gluten and, secondly, a more demanding aim, that is to say 100% without gluten, 100% vegetal. The aim of all of this is to cover the needs of consumers suffering from lactose and egg intolerance.

This development allows for modifications and, in the short term, the development of more products in the same line, which will allow the same choices to those enjoyed by non-celíacs.
We have developed a product 100% without gluten which addresses these needs. It is high quality bread with a pleasant flavour and aspect. Produced from raw materials 100% without gluten and with a high nutritional value appreciated by both celíacs and non-celiacs.

The researchers have produced a 100% gluten-free product to meet these needs. The bread has a pleasant taste and texture and is of high-quality. It was produced with primary materials that are 100% gluten-free, is highly nutritional, and can be enjoyed both by coeliacs and by the general population.

Israte Normahomed
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
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